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GPH DiffusionOMEGA 3

GPH Diffusion OMEGA 3
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For your heart and your brain.
These Omega-3 oils are extracts of cold-water fatty fish like salmon and halibut. The main ones are the EPA (eicopentaénoïque acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) that can be synthesized (slowly) by the body from alpha-linolenic acid. This acid is an essential fatty acid, acid that can not be synthesized by the body, found in certain vegetable fats and leaf vegetable.
The EPA is active at the circulatory system level where it prevents fat deposits to "stick" on the vessel walls and the formation of blood clots (blood thinner). It lowers cholesterol level and has anti-inflammatory properties. DHA is especially known for his action on brain activity: it contributes to the development of the brain composed of 2 / 3 of neurons. Note also that DHA is a component of the retina and is a protector of the integrity of the visual and aural functions.
The combination of these two fatty acids called Omega-3 helps protect against cardiovascular problems and hypertension, while promoting the integrity of brain function.
It is recommended to have a regular intake of omega-3 during pregnancy to help the healthy development of the fetus. The fetuses and infants can not synthesize DHA.
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per capsule:
- Wild fish oil (Omega 3): 505 mg
- EPA: 33%
- DHA: 22%
- Capsule (fish gelatin / soya lecithin): 200 mg


- free from preservatives
- free from colouring agent
- free from synthetic aroma
- GMO free

Recommendations for use

- 2 to 3 capsules per day with a full glass of water during meals and as part of a balanced diet.

Precautions for use

- Keep dry at room temperature.
- Keep out of reach of young children.
- Avoid overdosage.
- Balance the intake of omega-3 with the intake of omega-6 (1 omega-3 for 5 omega-6).
- Take medical advice if treated with blood thinners.

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