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Demeter natural cosmetic for healthy skincare


Martina Gebhardt production has more than 30 years experience. Martina, bitten at the age of 3 by a dog, kept from that an ugly scar on her cheek until her teenage years, where an old doctor prescribed her a wool wax ointment that erased the scar in a few months. It fascinated the girl so much that she began to make effective hand-made creams based on wool wax and plants for her friends. After her studies in architecture she ones presented her creams on a craft market and the meetings on this occasion directed her towards a new choice of life: to realize cosmetic products imbued with the spirit of biodynamics. All her products have since been certified Demeter cosmetics (use of a maximum of ingredients from biodynamic culture) and without use of animal experiments.

As a principle, no standardized raw material is used, so that fragrance, color and consistency may vary slightly. This is not a quality defect but a proof of the use of natural raw materials.

Quality criteria

  • 100% of raw materials are natural
  • More than 98% of raw materials come from controlled organic cultivation, of which a majority of Demeter quality
  • With spagyric essences of own production
  • Production is carried out respecting rhythmic and biodynamic requirements
  • No alcohol in creams and milks
  • Without raw materials for which animals have been tortured or killed
  • No raw material identical to natural, surfactants, glycerine, titanium dioxide or preservatives

Some generalities

  • All the compositions of these natural cosmetics are proven and lead to support the functions of the skin. In this way, you are assured that your skin remains healthy and will return to its natural balance.
  • The philosophical insight that less is more is taken seriously in the way Martina Gebhardt cosmetic products are manufactured: they contain only those ingredients that are necessary and complement each other to create a synergy, that special, magical essence that exceeds the sum of the individual components.
  • Martina Gebhardt skin creams have a moisture content of about 50 percent, e.g. herbal extracts in pure spring water, and contain 50 percent oily substances, e.g. plant oils, fats and waxes. This corresponds to the lipid-moisture ratio of the outer skin of a 20 year old woman. Nourishing this skin layer helps support the vitality, health and smoothness of your skin. Moisturizing creams, fat based creams and oils impair the natural balance of the skin causing the skin to become increasingly dryer.
  • The creams have an ideal pH from 5 to 6 that assists your skin in preserving its natural protective barrier.
  • Bees wax and wool wax are excellent nourishing base materials for skin ointment. They contain a natural emulsifier that smoothens the skin, making it elastic and soft. Moreover wool wax is an excellent skin care substance suited especially for dry and allergy-prone skin types. Pure essential oils, propolis and rose water reduce bacterial growth and therefore act as mild preservatives.
  • In the cleansers and facial lotions lecithin and pea starch are used as emulsifiers, both produced in certified organic cultivation.Coconut butter alcohol is added for consistency. This non-irritating substance makes the skin smooth and soft.
  • All creams of Martina Gebhardt can be combined with any of her other products.

Choice of one or the other product?

What product from Martina Gebhardt to use? For different skintypes or -ailments some products are recommended but it is also a good advice, if your instinct is not totally blunted by modern life, to sometimes listen to and trust your sense of smell, your own perception because some fragrances of herbs in the products will attract you and according to the principle of affinity if you like a fragrance it would mean that the ingredients that form it are in harmony with you. So let yourself occasionally be guided or tempted and vary among these totally natural products: you probably do not like to eat carrots every day, and for your skin it's the same, body and skin will no longer absorb a substance of which they are saturated.

Products, productlines


  • EYE CARE CREAM (15ml) : all skintypes balm
  • EYE CARE FLUID(30ml) : fluid (eye)cream for dry and sensitive skin
  • LIP BALM (15ml) : against cold and dryness
  • WINTERr BALM (15ml) : protection et soin pour intempéries
  • TEA TREE BALM (15ml): soothes chapped, brittle, prone to fungal infections skinpatches
  • 7 HERBS MASK FACE and DÉCOLLETÉ (100ml) : mask or cream, regenerates and vitalizes
  • PEELING SOFT FACE and DÉCOLLETÉ (100ml) : cleansing care for normal to oily skin


  • NEROLI CREAM (15ml, 50ml) : building and nourishing cream (especially for winter and spring)
  • MELISSA CREAM (15ml, 50ml) : soothing, harmonizing and energizing
  • PROPOLIS CREAM (15ml, 50ml) : allround-cream for the whole family, for tired and problem skin (soothing, restorative and protective)
  • ALOE VERA CREAM (15ml, 50ml) : for easily irritated and problematic skin, and as after-sun
  • ALOE VERA FACE LOTION (30ml, 100ml) : for easily irritated and problematic skin, and as after-sun


  • HAPPY FEET : for legs and feet , BAOBAB cosmetics and care
  • HANDS and NAIL : for smooth, soft hands and for the prevention and treatment of brittle fingernails and chapped cuticles mit Camile
  • BABY and KIDS : for the delicate baby- and childskin, and particular sensitive skin, with sun extracts from CALENDULA (marigold). All Martina Gebhardt baby care products are also particularly suited for neurodermitis-, psoriasis- and allergy-prone skin and this applies as well to babies and children, as to adults.
  • YOUNG and ACTIVE : fresh, summery light and sporty care line for young combination skin from 20 on.
  • SHEABUTTER LINE : for particularly sensible skin (no essential oils, no alcohol, no herbal extracts and bees products)
  • SALVIA LINE: or oily and impure skin
  • ROSE LINE : for dry and sensible skin
  • GINSENG LINE : for mature and demanding skin
  • WILD UTAH LINE : for particularly sensible and allergy prone skin, designed as a gentleman's line (pre- and aftershave), with native American healing herbs
  • HAPPY AGING LINE : to unfold the beauty of maturity


  • CALENDULA BODY OIL (100ml) : soothes irritated, reddened and particularly sensitive skin areas. Can also be used to cleanse baby's diaper area and as oil treatment for the whole body
Eye care cream - Demeter
9.15 €
15 ml
Heather bud extract - organic
22.86 €
50 ml
Lip Balm - Demeter
5.77 €
15 ml
Aloe Vera Cream - Demeter
18.99 €
50 ml