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Les risques réels des téléphones cellulaires et comment se protéger? Quelques conseils TRES utiles

At the heart of this scientific, commercial and financial imbroglio, where is the truth about the true harmfulness of cell phones and all this technology using electromagnetic waves?

A growing number of scientific studies corroborate the suspicion that radiation from cell phones and other wireless devices is dangerous.

In the list of harmful consequences we find :

  • increased risk of brain tumors
  • increased risk of acoustic nerve tumors
  • increased blood count disorders
  • damage to DNA molecules
  • damage to nerve cells
  • the acceleration and contribution to the development of neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's, autism...
  • damage to the eyes
  • an increase in sleep disorders


Some studies have also shown that people who started using cell phones before the age of 20 were 5 times more likely to develop a brain tumor. Children and babies are more affected than adults because the density and thickness of the bones (thinner and more flexible) of the skull of children are not the same as those of adults, and their growing brains are more sensitive to damage from cell phones and various radiations.

It is also often forgotten that these nuisances can affect babies in the womb, who are totally defenseless against these damages. Some studies have shown that the use of cell phones by mothers causes behavioral problems in their unborn children. Some researchers even suggest that cell phone use may be one of the causes of the increase in childhood hyperactivity and autism syndromes.

Of course, these links are difficult to make, as the signs or disorders often do not manifest themselves until many years later

Dr. David Carpenter has conducted extensive research into the overall environmental causes of human disease. He specifically analyzed the current regulations on radiation limits and tolerances allowed from power lines, cell phones, and other sources such as radio frequency and electromagnetic field exposure in daily life.

He concludes that the existing standards put in place for public safety are completely unsatisfactory to truly protect the health of fellow citizens. His well-documented report also includes studies highlighting the effect of radiation and magnetic field exposure on :

  • gene duplication and the structure of DNA, RNA and proteins related to genetic processes
  • the immune system
  • neurological functioning (Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease...), brain function and behavior (autism, hyperactivity, hyperkinesia...)
  • brain and acoustic nerve tumors
  • cancers more specific to children (leukemia)
  • the production of melatonin and other neurotransmitters


Be aware that not only are you exposed to the dangers of cell phone use, but also to other technologies including wireless internet (wifi) and cordless and cell phones.

How to protect yourself from cell phone radiation?

The only real universal solution would be of course that our populations give up all this "wireless" technology, but this is probably completely utopian.

Therefore, individual and personal initiatives must be used and the existing protection possibilities for homes must be examined more closely.

There is a set of building materials designed to reduce and protect against the nuisance of waves and electromagnetic fields. Currently, many sites and books offer you shielded electrical cables, breakers, wallpapers or shielded fabrics to line the walls, as well as paints and all other specialized material that allows to protect the inhabitants in the heart of their home.

Ideally, public, social or medical centers should not use this type of wireless technology and should completely isolate their building. This obviously seems unrealistic...


Simple steps that can be taken include:

  • Do not allow children to use cell phones or devices that operate wirelessly, except in an emergency.
  • Minimize the use of cell phones. If it is necessary to use it, use the hands-free function as much as possible, keep the phone as far away from your body and head as possible, or use the headset, making sure that the wire does not stay close to the body, because the wire itself acts as an antenna, attracting the ambient radiation and transmitting it directly to the brain Therefore, make sure that the wire used is itself protected.

Currently, there are systems of headphones or earpieces that allow sound to be transmitted by simple vibration of the air, like a stethoscope.

  • use a landline for long business or private conversations. More and more people tend to delete their landlines and keep only their cell phones, which usually contain not only all their contact numbers, but also a whole range of other data for the very sophisticated phones that perform many more functions than just a phone.
  • Reduce the use of other wireless devices that are absolutely not essential to everyday life.
  • use your cell phone only where the reception is good, indeed, the weaker the reception, the more power the wave emission will be in order to correctly transmit the conversation. This increased radiation makes the waves more penetrating and therefore more dangerous.
  • if you don't need to be called or to call, turn off your cell phone as often as possible Any cell phone on emits, intermittent radiation or less powerful radiation, but it emits.
Carol Panne
23 February, 2014
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