Here are some tricks and advice to help you make your visit on this Web site more user friendly.

Would you like to increase the size of the characters?

Use the letters A to choose the character size you like.

Otherwise, for improved precision:

  • To increase them as above, simultaneously press the two keys "Ctrl" and "+". Each time you press on the "+" key, the characters get larger.
  • To decrease the size of the characters, simultaneously press "Ctrl" and "-" keys, more than once if necessary.
  • To revert to the original size, simultaneously press "Ctrl" and the digit "0".

This feature is not available on all browsers. If your browser does not have this feature, go to the menu "View"/"Text size" or "View"/"Zoom".

Click on "please log in" to register as a new customer or to log in as a returning customer and start a new order or check/edit your account. The link "Log off" (see below) appears only after you have logged in.

Click on "Log off" to close your session.

The section "Categories" allows you to explore the store by type of products. Click on the name of a category and the sub-categories pop up. Click a second time on the name and the sub-categories disappear. When you click on a category name that has no subcategories, the list of all the products in that category appears.
The chosen hierarchy is highlighted. The sample on the left tells you that you are in the product group "Cosmetics/Hair care/Colouring".

The section "Brands" gives you access to all the products of that brand.

The products appear in the ascending alphabetical order of their names. By clicking on the title of a column, the product list gets sorted in the ascending or descending order of that column. This is useful when looking for products in a specific range of weights or prices.
Click on the name or the picture of a product to open a page with its detailed description.

When you click on the basket, you add one unit of that product in the basket. A second click adds a second unit and so on.

The "Cart" box shows the content of the basket and the total price. Click on the name of a product to open its detailed description page.

Click on "Cart" to open the cart screen where you can adjust the quantities ordered and go through the check out process steps.

Click on "Checkout" to go to the first step of the check out process.

Payment by credit card.
The first Saferpay screen gives you

  • the possibility to choose your preferred language
  • shop information
  • your order number
  • order amount and currency.

Chose the desired credit card by clicking on its picture. This does open the second payment screen.

To leave (come back on Santi-shop), click on the blue text "Quit" and not on the back arrow (or the history) of the browser.

Fill in the five fields and click on the button "Buy".
In the field "Card number" you may separate each group of 4 digits by a space to make control easy.

Saferpay offers the on line safety systems Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode.
Either your card supports this service and you will be directed to a screen from your bank (example below).
Either your card does not support it and you will be directed to the third and last Saferpay screen (see below).

To leave (come back on Santi-shop), click on the blue text "Quit" and not on the back arrow (or the history) of the browser.

This screen is the one you come on after your click on the blue text "Quit" available on the two previous screens. It allows you to retry your payment if not successful, to change payment mode or to cancel your order.

If your card supports Verified by Visa or MasterCard SecureCode services, the issuing bank will ask you to enter the one time code sent by sms. (The layout of this screen will of course depend on your bank.)
If the code you entered is correct, you will be directed to the fourth and last Saferpay screen (see below). If not, the transaction will be refused by your bank.

The following links give you access to additional information on Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode.
Visa Europe
MasterCard US
Demonstration from Visa US

This last screen confirms the success of your payment.

Click on the button "Close/Quit" to leave Saferpay and come back on Santi-shop. Be aware that this Saferpay screen closes automatically after 10 minutes (600 seconds).